Product Research Intern

Af Ivana Jankovic
Kategori: Job

Location: Banja Luka
Application deadline: As soon as possible

Are you a person that has a structured approach to daily tasks and you’re looking for an opportunity to utilize that skill in a working environment? 

Look no further as Obsidian is launching a Product research internship where your skills will be perfected and upgraded. 

What will you learn?

With the whole world being transported to virtual environments in the past two years, online commerce has become competitive as ever. In order to choose the best possible product it is of most importance to be able to make an informed decision.

As a product researcher, you will learn all the skills necessary to research the grandiose e-commerce market and how to make an argumentative decision regarding the product displayed as well as how to analyze and compare products in order to conclude which product has better selling potential . Not only that, you will be included in the whole process of acquiring and testing perfect statements and reasons-to-buy.

The creative side of the internship is reflected in the cooperation with the marketing department, where you get the opportunity to find the best ways to feature a certain product.

To make this opportunity even better there is also a possibility of permanent employment! 

What is expected from you? 

As this is an internship, we do not expect you to have any experience with product research and / or affiliate marketing. The only expectations we have are in the form of soft skills and attitudes, where we expect you to:

  • Have strong organizational skills and an eye for detail;
  • Have exceptional critical thinking abilities;
  • Be oriented towards learning and being a valuable part of the team;
  • Want to work hard and be the best at what you do. 

What can you get at Obsidian? 

We are an innovative digital media company which operates via partner agreements with web shops such as Amazon or large and small web shops in Scandinavia, Germany and the USA.

Since we are goal driven and learning oriented, we plan on expanding our services to the international market.

At the workplace you will have the opportunity to meet some of the most productive people within the marketing field who are also some of the best teammates out there. Your primary colleagues will be the 9 employees in our office in Banja Luka, but you will also be working closely with our team in Aarhus. 

Become a part of the winning team! 

Send your CV to and write “Product research intern” in the subject field. 


Ivana Jankovic