We analyze.
We compare.
We review.
We help consumers.

We engage in consumer empowerment and ecommerce growth

With cutting edge product intelligence and deep research, we help digital consumers navigate.

Our audience of shoppers are growing rapidly stimulating the our close collaboration with trusted brands and resellers helping them to acquire traffic and sales.

We aim to raise the bar for affiliate marketing and consumer guidance.

Among our partnerships

Free desk research

Basically, what we offer is free desk research delivered in a easy digestable format and language. While our content is free, our revenue comes from ad links (either per click or referral) when providing price comparison in our articles.

We’ve choosen that model since we sincerely believe we can offer value to users in the research stage, offering valueable insight desk research. We do that by aggregating and analyzing test results, customer reviews, prices, product features, reseller reputation, specification etc.

Editorial guidelines & ads

Our team of researchers, area experts and content writers are working independent from the commercial team, which means our product reviews, comparison and curation are based in individual assesment from the researcher without any commercial agenda. However, since we refer to where to buy the product with ad links, our product inspirational and product review content is marked as sponsored.

We do never promote resellers, products or brands that we can’t back. It is only trusted, reputable partners who can be highlighted in sponsored placements (not ranking) as part of a affiliated collaboration, again, does not impact the editorial side ie. the assesments of products.

Search marketing

Across platforms and websites in Scandinavia, USA, Germany and Poland we are reaching a big, relevant audience as the majority of these are consumers in a research stage of shopping online – most of them finding our guides, reviews and inspirational content on Google or other search engines.

This demands us to understand how Google works, what people searches for and what it requires to optimize websites in the eyes of the big search engines. Search marketing skills and experience permeates our organization, giving us an edge in the market.

Performance-based marketing

Having a performance-based relationship with our partners, we focus on delivering meassurable, profitable and long-term results. Our no-cure-no-pay model, derived from affiliate marketing, in which our partners typically pay per click or sale, lead or visitor, makes our collaboration simple and 100 % aligned. We call it win/win.

Our typical partners are brands or stores that sell either recognized, award-winning, highly-reviewed, or otherwise superior or unique products that have their presence in the market.

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