About us



Who is Obsidian Media?

We are a digital media/tech company based in Aarhus and Banja Luka, Bosnia with currently 30 talented employees.

Our platforms are active in the Nordics consisting of more than 20 websites – all within consumer-oriented content.

Our mission is to help the digital consumers in the research stage before shopping. We do this with guides, reviews, analyses, and comparison of products. Our topics range from a broad spectum of categories – from electronics to sports to cosmetics.

Our vision is to raise the bar in product review and affiliate industry, setting the standard for more helpful content. Partnerships with resellers and brands are the key for us to continue making free content to our readers. We work only with reputable brands and resellers that we trust.

Besides being consumer-oriented content creators, we are digital marketing specialists. Driving high quality traffic from our own plattforms, acquired from both paid media channels and extensive work in search engine optimization. 

At the heart of everything, we are committed to continuous growth, both by improving our content quality and by creating profitable, long-term growth opportunities for our partners

The CEO’s narrative

The idea about “Media” orginated among the Obsidian foundes who – like me – have insights of the affiliate space. We noticed a market gap. We realized competing affiliate-sites were operated unprofessionally and short-sighted in our point of view. We were certain that it could be done better through a more professional, corporate and reader-first approach. With a strong focus on transparency on value creation for the customers, and with financial firepower, we were optimistic in winning market shares.

Our assumptions turned out to be right – more or less. Through a buy-and-built stratety, we actually managed to consolidate the Scandinavian market within a few years. However, it was way more complicated than we had imagined. Especially getting aqcuired sites up to the quality standard as we wanted than expected, and to streamline the media portfolio to become well-driven, technologically advanced platform. One of the keys in this succes were definitely the establishment of our office in Banja Luka, where we today are priviliged to work with highly talented specialists in both content, research, AI, data and development.

Today, we employe more than 30 people across our offices in Denmark and Bosnia, we are market-leading in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland in the consumer affiliate space, and about to enter new markets such as Germany and Poland. We now reach over 18 million readers every year, collaborate with over 300 webshops and generate a 3-digit million amount in revenue for our partners through pure commission-based ad sales.

Finally, I am proud to say that I think we have been a part of consolidating and professionalizing this industry by doing things the proper way.

– Emil Børsting Sørensen, CEO & co-founder of Obsidian Media