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Alexander Smirnov – Process & Operations Manager

Obsidian Media is a very integral part of me and I say that with my head held high. I have been on this journey from the very beginning when the company was just 3 months old and housed 3 employees. When I hear others talk about our growth and results, I feel as if it is me, they are talking about – and that’s how everyone in Obsidian Media should feel.
We all contribute to the excellence we strive for, and achieve in my opinion, on a daily basis. At the office, we cultivate a no-bullshit culture with transparency and high ceilings. All are equally good .

Frigg Falk Sabroe – Content Management Lead

This company have strong aspirations which pervades the entire workflow – there is a strong focus on growing and creating results. It’s hard sometimes, but I also enjoy the driving force which constantly pushes my own professional and personal development.

Management is competent and great at creating transparency. This is done trough regular meetings providing insight into both resources and successes of Obsidian Media. Obviously, we also discuss things that need adjustments – and that’s quite a lot within the field of digital marketing where everything is dynamic and moving fast.

It’s not performance all the way through. I am so thankful for my amazing and talented colleagues. We take the time to make a nice, rounded cup of coffee (from our top-tuned barista machine) whilst enjoying an informal talk about sports, gastronomic achievements at home or something else in that department. There is a lot of men in the workplace, but I try to squeeze in some nail polish, Gucci bags, fake eyelashes and all the other stereotypical things, that women tend to be fond of  .

Alexander Sibast – Partnership Lead

We have an ambition to the become “best in business” and we are already having great success. Yet, we aren’t that many people in our danish office in Aarhus – I value this as a positive, as I can contribute from an early stage and make my impact in creating our work culture. The office has a good atmosphere and there’s room for a chat about non-work related stuff – a wild-goose chase, office teasing, sports or ideas for your next travel destinations, that’s some of the things I will contribute with. We are a majority of men in our office, so it might be healthy to hire a few more ladies, to compensate for all the “male hearing”. We actually just moved to a new and bigger office (spring 2021), so the number of fantastic colleagues can increase much more.

There is great trust in us employees and we have lots of opportunities to learn and plenty of times have I had the joy to challenge myself with lots of responsibility by taking lead on big projects, and I feel that my “good ideas” for improvements are heard and taken into account.

Last but not least, we have a delicious lunch arrangement where two chefs provide us with varied meals every sinlge day .

Emil Holm Pedersen – SEO-specialist

It is clear to me that this is a company with high ambitions and even higher drive. From the get-go I got a lot of responsibility put upon me, while also having the freedom to decide how I wanna schedule my day. I quickly realized that I would love working here as I get to both challenge and develop my personal skills through a wide array of different assignments. Credit is given where credit is due and you feel like you’re a part of a bigger picture than just you and your computer screen.

I’m also pleased to say that I could not have asked for better colleagues. Everyone is more than willing to help each other out and we improve our results through communication and sparring. When in need of a break there is always a good chance of catching a great conversation with a coworker at the coffee machine regarding everything from Disney movies to the latest sport results.



Dusan Radusinovic – SEO Specialist

Since being new in the business, Obsidian Media gave me the chance I could only dream of. Supportive and encouraging mentorship and comfortable everyday working environment, as well as availability of all educational sources required enabled me to focus exactly on what matters most – building my skills and developing them as fast as possible.

When becoming a part of the company I had very high expectations, yet management and coworkers exceeded even highest of them by a hundred miles in a very first week.

The most satisfying thing for my personal point of view is that I feel appreciated from both business and personal side, which makes me enter the office with a smile on everyday basis. I feel really cozy and “at home” in Obsidian Media, and I hope that we are going to grow, and extend limits together in years to come .