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Af Sasa Bojanic
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Location: From Banja Luka 

Who is Obsidian Media?

Obsidian Media is an innovative digital media company with high focus on content-creation, SEO, and affiliate marketing. We engage ourselves in reviewing and comparing products on our own platforms. Our mission is to help our approx. 18 million yearly readers make better-informed buying decisions when shopping online – helping them to find the best products for their needs. We are active in Nothern Europe, and market leading in Scandinavia.

Our business model is affiliate marketing, thus we are closely connected by our partners. Our partners are mostly webshops of all sizes in categories such as electronics, home & garden, kitchen appliances, furniture, fitness, and outdoor. We help our partners by generating traffic to their webshops, and get compensated for each conversion.

Despite being a young company, we are today 30 employees, 20 of them in our Banja Luka office, the remaining in our Danish headquarter in Aarhus.

Job description

Join our Partnership team and immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Affiliate Marketing and SEO. This entry-level position offers an extensive onboarding program, perfect for those eager to learn from scratch. You’ll work with colleagues in Denmark and Banja Luka, playing a key role in the commercial heart of our business and have a direct and measurable impact on the companys performance.

Your Journey:

  • Learn and Grow: No prior experience? No problem! We’ll guide you through every step.
  • Boost Performance: Enhance our partnerships and product recommendations using your analytical skills.
  • Diverse Tasks: Engage in a variety of activities, from updating website content to building affiliate links and price comparison tables.
  • User Experience: Make real-time website adjustments to engage and delight our users.
  • Measurable Business Impact: Witness the tangible results of your work on our performance.
  • Innovation and Research: Stay ahead of market trends and explore automation possibilities.
  • Team Collaboration: Work closely with colleagues in other departments, such as Content, SEO, and Tech teams, to achieve common goals.

Your Future Path:

  • Passionate Learning: Delve into areas like Data Analysis, AI Marketing, and more, driven by your enthusiasm.
  • Skill Enhancement: Learn about SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, and the exciting world of AI and ChatGPT.
  • Professional Development: Develop skills in data analysis, product review, copywriting, and strategic partnership tactics.
  • Career Growth: Start as a novice and grow to become a specialist in your field.

Who are you?

We’re on the lookout for someone are very comfortable getting in the zone and getting things done. You don’t need previous experience in our field – your curiosity, drive, and computer savvy are what count. It is a big plus if you are someone who is good at mastering new systems and technologies,

With that said, the following is nice to have:

  • Familiarity with WordPress or other Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Comfortable using Excel, Google Sheets, or similar tools.
  • Experience in conducting research quickly and effectively using Google.

What we offer your

  • A Career Launchpad: Perfect for kickstarting your journey in digital marketing.
  • Continuous Learning: Regular courses and training in WordPress, AI, SEO, affiliate marketing, and content creation.
  • Impactful Work: Engage in digital marketing tasks that directly influence our business.
  • Dynamic Team Environment: Be part of a talented, motivated group in a vibrant setting.
  • Balanced Office Culture: Enjoy a mix of fun, social activities and professional focus.

Additional information

Obsidian is a workplace where we all deeply commit to our work, fostering a vibrant office atmosphere. While remote work is an option, we prefer having our team onsite to nurture this unique dynamic. We strongly emphasize social and professional development, which is why the learning curve is steep from the start and you quickly get responsibility and become an essential part of our company.

Expected startup: As soon as possible or to-be-decided. 

The monthly salary is based on qualifications, accordingly.

Send application, resume, and other relevant material to and write ‘Partnership Optimization Analyst’ in the subject field.

You can read more about Obsidian Media here .

Sasa Bojanic