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Af Emil Børsting Sørensen
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This is not a typical job post.

Or an ordinary c-level position.

It is a unique opportunity for you – a highly skilled and experienced professional in digital marketing industry. Maybe it’s your golden chance to become a key player a start-up with aggressive growth.

With key player we mean more than “just” a team leader with a comprising responsibility. We see the new Chief Commercial & Performance Officer as a serious part of the management and deeply involved in strategic decisions. For the right candidate we can even offer a unique opportunity to join a Management Incentive Program, and thereby the chance to become partner in a highly profitable media company.

Who is Obsidian Media?

Obsidian Media is a fast-growing digital media house within performance marketing. Through intelligent solutions and a global setup, we operate a portfolio of digital media with an affiliate marketing business model. Our media portfolio is, thus, financed through partnerships with web shops such as Amazon, Walmart, WhiteAway, Coop, Elgiganten, and more than 200 other e-commerce players in Scandinavia, Germany and the USA.

We currently operate in the above-mentioned markets, but have plans to penetrate new markets with an buy and build strategy.

Our headquarters are located in Aarhus, and we have an office hub in Banja Luka, Bosnia with 16 employees, people in both Odense and Copenhagen and freelancers across the globe from The Philippines to Colombia.

What can we offer?

First of all, we can offer the chance to join an amazing company with amazing people across countries, and a great office culture.

Besides that, the position is a value proposition itself. As being in charge of our performance department you are de facto responsible for Obsidian Media’s entire revenue stream. Within this role, we will strive to give you the best circumstances to succeed and continuously develop your industry know-how, leadership capabilities, and toolbox by offering you:

  • mentorship and easy access to knowledge and experts in the organization
  • tools, people and processes to keep learning
  • an agile business with small gap from idea to action
  • great responsibility and a high salary
  • the pleasure to lead a highly talented team in Aarhus and Banja Luka

As mentioned in the intro, we can offer you deep involvement in the management of the company and an golden opportunity to get valuable equity in the company.

Who are you?

  • Either you are a super-talent, or you have at least 5 years of experience in digital marketing
  • Massive commercial flair on how to boost the revenue in an SEO-driven affiliate portfolio
  • Great understanding of SEO, CRO, data-analysis and affiliate marketing
  • Natural flair for structuring tasks on a big scale, and the ability to delegate them to your team
  • A natural leader with flair for strategy and business processes
  • You are comfortable in a key role in a complex business, not being afraid to take overall responsibility for a larger million turnover

Expected startup: As soon as possible. 

Reach out to me (ebs@obsidian.dk or 61 27 63 94) or Sasa (sak@obsidian.dk)

Emil Børsting Sørensen

CEO & Partner

61 27 63 94EBS@OBSIDIAN.DK

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Kontakt os Ring på 61 27 63 94, skriv på obsidianmedia@obsidian.dk